SAW IV review


Juz came back after watching SAW 4. I was so excitied as its R21 rating n i'm a die hard SAW fan. Overall the plot is as gd as SAW 2 n 3. But not as gd as 1. The only disappointment is... the gore is not tat much. Anyway in this show, it tells how he became Jigsaw from a loving person. N behold the new Jigsaw killer. It'll leave u question when u walked out of the cinema. Till now i still donno about a scene. Anyway my friend got free passes to watch the whole trilogy tml at Shaw Lido from 11am to 7pm. Xiong ah...... Bo bian wa si DIE HARD FAN. Oh ya.. the ending song for SAW IV is sang by X-JAPAN. They actually reformed juz for this new song, "I.V"
Friday, November 02, 2007