My [horror] X'mas present


Woo... finally got myself a pair of aliens for the upcoming movie AVP-R. Got it from FH after my work. Friendly shop n owners, allow me to choose from the carton. Obviously many ppl will choose the open mouth variant for Predalien. So do i, as u can c from the pic above. Luckily, i went to the shop early, if not most likely i'll end up having a slping Predalien. Anyway think i'm going to sell off the alien when the movie opens. I guess by tat time this toys r long sold out. And this is the chance to sell my Alien at a higher price. Cuz i'm not an Alien fan. Plus i already owned a $120 limited edition Alien statue show below. Sshhh... its slping. Don not wake him up.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007