10,000BC review


Jus watched it last night with my D'air. I also quite excited about this show as all the 3 posters show diff creatures, like machiam its going to be a great battle. But sadly no! Theres no battle of him with the sabre-toothed tiger. Cuz he saved this cat's life. And i thought the cat is going to company him thru his jounery. But no also. Fight with the DODO...its so fast tat it ends with a blink of an eye. Mammoth? Nothing much also, since elephants dont have combat abilities. Well, let me tell u wat so great about this show. Is the VFX n Camilla Belle whom only speaks alittle in the entire show. Easy money for her. (She was in "When a Stranger Calls"). Without VFX, this movie can go straight to DVD release. Bottom line, quite a disappointment.
Thursday, March 06, 2008