My Bloody Valentine 3D movie review


Weeks back, newspaper stated 2009 is the yr of horror movies. There are lots of horror movies coming our way. "My Bloody Valentine" gives a kick start. Went to watch the 3D version at Vivo with dear dear n my cousin Thomas. The 3D glasses given by GV was diff from the ones given from Cathay. Cathay one was red n blue glasses whereas GV's was black color for both sides. The effect of the 3D is obviously better than the normal version. But didnt met my expectation like wat the movie trailer shown. Example, the axe like ma chiam flew off the screen n towards you. Mayb my Dear got tat sensation. Cuz she was shocked when the character inside threw a gun right at our face. Lol...

Anyway, i like this movie. There was enough gore for a human slasher flick. Usually human slasher flicks focus more on scares. Nudity added bonus into the show. And a handsome male lead Jensen Ackles which has been acting in "SUPERNATURAL". I like his role in Supernatural too. Even his brother Sam has a role in the big screen. Watch up for him in the next upcoming horror of 2009, "Friday the 13th". Wooo... Yesshh.... my fav ultimate slasher of all time... Jason Voorhess. The undead killer who has claimed thousand of teenagers' life since 1980s that ranked him up in the top 3 slashers in the horror's "hall of frames".
Sunday, March 01, 2009