HG GALLERY Decade series


Went to CSC this afternoon. Spent $6 dollars to turn series 1. Got decade n den-O. Then guess wat? A stall at the side selling the whole of series 1 at $15. I took the package n c. Guess wat? the seller say, "Now offer, sell u $13." WTF..... Bo bian loh, buy loh. Should have check this stall before waste my $6 turn the machine. Now i got 5 extras from both series 1 n 2. And now i only SHORT OF RYUKI from series 2... Any 1 got Ryuki up for trade or sell?
Next time if really wan 2 complete a set of gashapons, juz go CSC n look for a package instead of turning. Unless u r seeking for a particular figure/character or u juz want the excitement of turning the machine.
Sunday, May 17, 2009