ZAGG InvisibleShield


Ordered this ZAGG Invisibleshield shortly after i've ordered my Zune HD. If u r not aware, ZAGG IS is selling like $50 in our local stores. Its one of the best screen n whole body protection for mobile phones n mp3 players. I ordered this online, which got 50% off all ZAGG items on that day, n its only 1 day offer. So got it like S$25 for the whole body protection. Guess wat? Its kinda hard to install the shield onto my zune. Eventhou i've installed finished, it looks so leopard's skin with so many tiny bubbles. But anyway, the site stated all these bubbles will disappear within24 hrs, which i really hope so. Kinda missed my $2 matt screen protector which i bought from daiso.
Wednesday, December 23, 2009